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Technology Consulting

Technology is ever changing and with good planning you can build an infrastructure that will support new growth and prevent disaster.

BCS Technologies provides our clients with proactive IT consulting strategy, systems design and customized ongoing support to streamline your business operations, increase productivity and profitability.

Whether your needs are a result of growth or restructuring, BCS Technologies provides short term or long term, cost effective IT support to maximize your IT investment and improve your IT infrastructure.

We also assist companies by advising, planning, and executing the realignment of IT due to merger, acquisition, consolidation, and/or corporate restructuring/downsizing including due diligence, staffing, and network and systems integration.


  • Strategic planning and insdustry specific consulting.

  • Systems analysis to increase reliability, availability, and security.

  • Detailed implementation planning to avoid iterruption and increase system knowledge.


  • Project management that adheres to target dates and communication.

  • Testing and QA checkpoints lead to successful implementation.

  • Industry IT expertise.

BCS can help you get exactly what you need from information technology.


  • Remote and onsite support.

  • Proactive services to avoid IT issues before they even interrup your users.

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