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Registry Marketing, Recruiting, & Training

The technical development of an immunization registry is only the first step of a successful immunization program. Understanding that the registry, or any health care system, is only as good as the quantity and validity of the information that it contains is critical.


BCS HealthCare realizes this and places significant emphasis on the support infrastructure for statewide health care systems.

Source Adoption and Provider Recruitment & Training Services
In addition to our talents in building new and enhancing existing Immunization Registries, BCS HealthCare recognizes that the system must be used and adopted by the actual providers in the community in order for the system to be successful and achieve its full potential.


The experienced BCS HealthCare team has successfully developed and delivered marketing and recruitment campaigns in the form of outreach initiatives to the provider community (at the state, regional, county, and or district level) to greatly enhance system awareness and adoption.


Our outreach initiatives empower the health care community with the understanding and skills they need to organize, plan and efficiently utilize government health systems. The user adoption lifecycle encompasses introduction, utilization, integration, and retention.

At BCS HealthCare, we are all parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. We are committed to assisting the health care community in providing accessible and cost-effective services. We know that the use of technology will improve both productivity and efficiency. BCS HealthCare is proud to contribute to a healthier nation.       

Our outreach initiative is comprised of numerous dynamic "modules" that enable the program to be adapted to meet the unique environments within the health care community. These modules include:

  • Program and Environment Assessments

  • Market & Provider Research

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Action Plan

  • Recruitment Plan

  • Training Plan

  • Application and Organizational Branding

  • Marketing Support Material Development

  • Customized Contact Management System

  • Strategic Relationship Development

  • "Grass Roots" Recruitment and Training

  • Campaign Implementation

  • System Demonstrations and "one on one" Trainings

  • Retention Plan

  • Plan Evaluation & Plan Refinement

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