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Cyber Security

BCS Technologies provides the expert consultation and support you need to defend your business from the many real threats of today's cyber security threats.


Whether your business requires network security, information privacy, virus protection, data security management, security consulting, intrusion blocking, intrusion prevention service, or wireless network security, you can depend on us.

We have a  thorough knowledge of the networking technologies of routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), servers, workstations, authentication, encryption, end-point protection, and how they are used in an organization's IT infrastructure.  This knowledge allows us to design networks flexible enough to meet your needs while maintaining the integrity, security, and stability of the network.

Cyber security consulting from BCS Technologies includes the following IT security services:

  • Designing, building and running the optimal security program for your organization

  • Leveraging risk and compliance strategies to help make your organization more secure and resilient

  • Identifying threats, remediating vulnerabilities and solving specific security challenges

  • Managing specific malware incidents

  • Providing education and awareness services to train personnel in behavior that can improve security and reduce risk

  • Implementing identity and access management services to ensure your network is accessed only by trusted people and devices

There are many solutions available for intrusion detection and prevention. The right tool and solution depends on multiple factors, many of which are unique to your organization.

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