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Health Care Solutions

BCS HealthCare understands the diverse requirements of the Public Health Information Network (PHIN), which was designed to provide resources for building IT capacity within local public health agencies (LPHA). We also recognize that the PHIN architecture is the "roadmap" to an effective implementation of any electronic information and communication system in health care. The resulting improvements to information reliability, interoperability, and data exchange will allow for multiple systems to communicate more effectively with their communities, state and federal partners, and with other organizations involved in the improvement of the community's health.

At BCS HealthCare we are committed to the development of a healthier nation through the integration and application of Information Technology. To achieve success on a national level, a firm foundation must first be recognized and implemented at the state and local levels. BCS HealthCare is dedicated to working with every level of the health care community to improve their technical infrastructure through the development of interdependent partnerships and the provision of a comprehensive toolset that focuses on the various components of the Public Health Information Network.

The BCS HealthCare team has a wealth of experience in the architecture, development, and ongoing support of:

  • National Electronic Disease Surveillance Systems (NEDSS)

  • Statewide Immunization Information Systems (SIIS)

  • Mass Casualty Response Consulting

  • National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Warehouse Management Systems (SNS)


In addition, BCS HealthCare has extensive knowledge and past performance in the:

  • Development of electronic communication of reportable information between various systems using the Health Level 7 (HL7) data transmission standards

  • Assessment and development of data migration standards

  • Planning and execution of private provider recruitment and training programs

  • Development and integration of immunization algorithms

  • Lifecycle of support services including call center, technology and data interoperability consulting, and training specialists

At BCS HealthCare, we are all parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. We are committed to assisting the health care community in providing accessible and cost-effective services. We know that the use of technology will improve both productivity and efficiency. BCS HealthCare is proud to contribute to a healthier nation.       

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