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Immunization Information System (IIS)

A well designed and implemented immunization registry is the foundation to ensuring that our nation's children receive the appropriate immunizations at the proper times as established by the CDC. The registry is the central repository for this data and captures all the necessary information to allow health care providers, schools, public health officials, and other community leaders to measure and track immunization progress within the community.

BCS HealthCare has been actively involved in the creation and maintenance of statewide immunization registries. We are platform "agnostic" and are able to architect, develop, and support systems in several different environments including .NET, Java, MS-SQL, Oracle, and AS400 to integrate into a preferred or existing environment to minimize the capital investment required.

BCS HealthCare can either craft or create a customized Immunization Registry from scratch using your specific requirements while incorporating the functional standards required by CDC. BCS HealthCare can also customize an existing immunization registry that is in the public domain in order to minimize your initial investment costs and speed delivery of services to your community.

Key modules for public domain based registries include:

  • Patient Information

  • Patient Immunization Record

  • Patient Search

  • Adverse Event

  • Reminder/Recall

  • Vaccine Management

  • Vaccine Information Statement

  • Reporting (CASA, HEDIS & AdHoc)


Help Desk
BCS HealthCare provides a personalized Help Desk support service to a Registry's end-users. A special toll-free number is setup for users to call on and request assistance. As part of the Help Desk function, an Operational Manual is created that is specific to each Registry and will contain a set of standard responses to requests made to the Help Desk.


This ensures a consistent response to the various support incidents to be encountered by the Help Desk.

BCS HealthCare has experienced professionals versed in Immunization Registries, Disease Surveillance, CDC requirements, PHIN and goverment IT initiatives.

Maintenance and Enhancement Services
BCS HealthCare provides maintenance and enhancement services to Immunization Registries which includes:

  • Bug fixes

  • Troubleshooting

  • Data migration support

  • Data analysis

  • Enhancements

  • Updates to the Web Site


Modification and/or enhancements to existing Registries are made to be compliant with the CDC Standards for Immunization Registries, PHIN Standards, HIPAA requirements, Section 508, and HL7 messaging.

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