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Founded in 1986, BCS Technologies is an Operational and IT Management Consulting company, located in Washington D.C metropolitan area. We have an extraordinarily talented team of professionals with a broad set of skills and experiences committed to making our clients successful.


Cost Effective
Whether your needs are a result of growth or restructuring, BCS Technologies provides short and long term, cost effective IT support to maximize your IT investment and improve your IT infrastructure.


Our fact-based, analytical, and hands-on approach combined with our commitment to create actionable solutions and work with our clients to see them through implementation provides our clients with a compelling value proposition.


At BCS Technologies, we measure our own success by our clients' successes. The ultimate test for our activities is whether or not they improve our clients' profitability, productivity, and systems' reliability.


Our practice cuts across industry lines. Our unique strength is our ability to understand and develop IT solutions that transcend industry boundaries. Coupled with a commitment to developing a tailored approach to meet each client's needs, these strengths enable us to deliver exceptional results.


In our assignments, we work closely with the client, their vendors, and other support organizations throughout the process - from initial problem definition and action plan to implementation, with regular communication and milestone review to ensure success.


Practical, Proven
The nature of our work requires the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and realism. Technology implemented only for the sake of technology that does not better enable our clients to compete in their markets and deliver a tangible value proposition only contributes to the IT organizations' problems and is not the answer. Our focus is on practical, feasible, proven solutions.

Expert IT support from BCS takes the focus off your technology  issues and puts it back on what really matters - your business.

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